My Mom’s Gonna Hate This Podcast Ep.001 The Beginning

Super duper short podcast this week discussing the super bowl, as well as introducing the Podcast. I hope to be joined in the future by my friends to give a larger discussion. As always it is a pleasure getting to do this and make sure to follow us on instagram, twitter, or facebook @momsgonnahate, or use #momsgonnahate to join the discussion. As always we love to hear from you. Don’t be afraid to send us topics to discuss on this show. We will even give you a shoutout for informing us of this topic.  If you are uncomfortable posting, feel free to DM us, and we will discuss your topic without mentioning you.

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Top 3 Reasons People Hate The Patriots


Face it, unless you are from New England, you most likely hate the Patriots. Here are the Top 3 reasons most people hate them:

1.) Continued Success-  People just can’t stand to see teams win consistently. It turns the team into a villain. Just like you don’t like seeing your co-worker get the promotion over you at work. Lets be honest here, we almost need someone to hate throughout a football season, why wouldn’t it be the best team in the NFL? (Hell, Patriots fans have it made, as a Detroit Lions fan the only the thing I have to look forward to is the signing of Patriots defensive coordinator to be the Lions next head coach.)

2.) Tom Brady-  Something about this asshole is easy to hate.  He is married to a supermodel, makes close to 20 million dollars a year, and has won 5 Super Bowls.  Did I mention that he is married to a supermodel? Who wouldn’t be jealous of that type of life? Just imagine having everything you want, plus a supermodel wife. Plus, the dude just doesn’t age. He probably has got better looking as he hit 40.

3.) Bill Belichick-  This d-bag is one hell of a coach, but gives the shittiest interview known to man. He is just so dull. Its a miracle he has kids even. That must be the most miserable sex ever. Couldn’t imagine him being a parent in all honesty. Bill the Thrill is one of the winningest coaches ever, but you would probably see a Sasquatch before you see him smile again.


Hay, Horse Fucker

pexels-photo-236636.jpeg1/22/18- Hay, Horse Fucker. (See what I did there?) Some may say its a national pastime, while others may say this is one sick horse fucker. I will never understand the logic behind banging a 2000 pound animal. Nothing good could come out of having sex with animals, let alone one that is ten times the normal mans size. Don’t believe anyone could be this fucked up? Check out the story from Fox News here.

What I really want to know is why no one is asking the horse how it feels about this situation. It is definitely the victim here, and no one is offering it any sympathy.

In all seriousness, the horse fucker will definitely need to spend his jail time pondering his ability to find a girlfriend, or boyfriend for that matter, that isn’t a horse. Shouldn’t be too hard for him to get a boyfriend in prison, as the inmates don’t take kind to Horse molesting.

Red Wings Defeat Devils

1/22/18- Although this sounds like a terrible newspaper headline, it is true. The Detroit Red Wings have defeated the New Jersey Devils in terrific fashion, gloving a 3-0 shutout. According to FSN Detroit, the Red Wings goaltender Petr Mrazek had 37 saves in the shutout. That gives Petr back-to-back shutout victories.

Joe Hicketts chalked over 15 minutes on the ice during his debut game. Bertuzzi, Booth and Larkin all scored goals during the shutout.

A terrific penalty kill allowed the Red Wings to tally a much needed win.

A recap is available here:

Eagles Fans are Trash

Explore the behavior of the Philadelphia Eagles fans after the NFC Championship game in Philly.


Upon their team winning the NFC championship, Philadelphia Eagles fans lost their fucking minds. Nothing like winning a football game to give you the right to destroy the city you live in. People were burning couches, flipping cars, and driving off road vehicles up the stairs Rocky once ran on. I still can’t believe that a city turned into a Mad Max movie over night. Just in case you missed trash being trash, here are several videos from last nights action.


This is a Philly fan, who runs into a pole while attempting to celebrate a victory. He should be celebrating the fact that he didn’t end up in the hospital:


Cue some music Rocky Balboa would have ran to, because his guy is taking his off-road vehicle up the iconic steps from the Rocky franchise:


Although the poles were greased so they wouldn’t be able to be climbed, the people of Philly still found a way to scurry like a stripper up the light pole:


Finally, the class act Philly fans gave the Minnesota Vikings a one of a kind exit:

Joe Hicketts’ Red Wing Debut

A brief overview of Joe Hicketts first period for the Detroit Red Wings.

Joe Hicketts debut for the Red Wings has been outstanding through the first period. With a injury prone defense, The Detroit Red Wings will continue to lean on their young players from their American Hockey League affiliate, The Grand Rapids Griffins. Only time will tell how Hicketts’ grows, but through one period the upside looks promising.