Top 3 Reasons People Hate The Patriots


Face it, unless you are from New England, you most likely hate the Patriots. Here are the Top 3 reasons most people hate them:

1.) Continued Success-  People just can’t stand to see teams win consistently. It turns the team into a villain. Just like you don’t like seeing your co-worker get the promotion over you at work. Lets be honest here, we almost need someone to hate throughout a football season, why wouldn’t it be the best team in the NFL? (Hell, Patriots fans have it made, as a Detroit Lions fan the only the thing I have to look forward to is the signing of Patriots defensive coordinator to be the Lions next head coach.)

2.) Tom Brady-  Something about this asshole is easy to hate.  He is married to a supermodel, makes close to 20 million dollars a year, and has won 5 Super Bowls.  Did I mention that he is married to a supermodel? Who wouldn’t be jealous of that type of life? Just imagine having everything you want, plus a supermodel wife. Plus, the dude just doesn’t age. He probably has got better looking as he hit 40.

3.) Bill Belichick-  This d-bag is one hell of a coach, but gives the shittiest interview known to man. He is just so dull. Its a miracle he has kids even. That must be the most miserable sex ever. Couldn’t imagine him being a parent in all honesty. Bill the Thrill is one of the winningest coaches ever, but you would probably see a Sasquatch before you see him smile again.