Hay, Horse Fucker

pexels-photo-236636.jpeg1/22/18- Hay, Horse Fucker. (See what I did there?) Some may say its a national pastime, while others may say this is one sick horse fucker. I will never understand the logic behind banging a 2000 pound animal. Nothing good could come out of having sex with animals, let alone one that is ten times the normal mans size. Don’t believe anyone could be this fucked up? Check out the story from Fox News here.

What I really want to know is why no one is asking the horse how it feels about this situation. It is definitely the victim here, and no one is offering it any sympathy.

In all seriousness, the horse fucker will definitely need to spend his jail time pondering his ability to find a girlfriend, or boyfriend for that matter, that isn’t a horse. Shouldn’t be too hard for him to get a boyfriend in prison, as the inmates don’t take kind to Horse molesting.