Eagles Fans are Trash

Explore the behavior of the Philadelphia Eagles fans after the NFC Championship game in Philly.


Upon their team winning the NFC championship, Philadelphia Eagles fans lost their fucking minds. Nothing like winning a football game to give you the right to destroy the city you live in. People were burning couches, flipping cars, and driving off road vehicles up the stairs Rocky once ran on. I still can’t believe that a city turned into a Mad Max movie over night. Just in case you missed trash being trash, here are several videos from last nights action.


This is a Philly fan, who runs into a pole while attempting to celebrate a victory. He should be celebrating the fact that he didn’t end up in the hospital:


Cue some music Rocky Balboa would have ran to, because his guy is taking his off-road vehicle up the iconic steps from the Rocky franchise:


Although the poles were greased so they wouldn’t be able to be climbed, the people of Philly still found a way to scurry like a stripper up the light pole:


Finally, the class act Philly fans gave the Minnesota Vikings a one of a kind exit: